Coworkinn Dahab was the first coworking space on the Red Sea in Egypt. We offered Digital Nomads and local adventurers alike the opportunity to foster creativity and collaborate with other working professionals, all while taking in views of both the Sinai mountains and the Red Sea.We are very grateful for that amazing adventure and thankful for everyone who took his part in the journey but we had to say good bye to the Space for our new beloved projects. 

We are really sorry but the coworking space is closed...


We are still active in Dahab with group travels, kite surfing camps/lessons, Theta Healing therapies, life, health and business coaching and professional organized company events abroad, like team building.

Anyone who wants to escape the hassle or the rut of every day life can contact us! We can help you to escape daily pressures and get back to for what we are actually here: Having a great and light-hearted time.  


Our team is not only an expert when it comes to enjoy Dahab to the fullest we are also trained in personal coaching for health, life and theta healing. And if you are seeking something more adventures we can help you to organize you kite lessons, desert trips in the beautiful sinai mountains and loots more. Bitcoin traders can make use of advanced technologies like the bitiq robot to trade while they visit Dahab. This automated robot will make trading decisions on your behalf, which will allow you to enjoy yourselves without the tension of trading.


(to experience our Theta Healing sessions you don´t have to come to Dahab... this we can arrange via a phone call. For more informations please contact us)



Dahab is and will always be the best place to restart your whole system...

Some of the many reasons to come to Dahab...

The Inspiration

Here in Dahab you will be able to recharge your batteries and expand your horizons with new creative points of view. 

The Weather

According to weather forecasts, Dahab remains sunny about 95% of the time with temperatures that hover at around 33 degrees Celsius.

More Information about the Weather...

People of Dahab

The people of Dahab are all true nomads, at least in their hearts. Dahab is full of free thinking and tolerant people; the Bedouines are living examples of what it means to lead a carefree lifestyle and are welcoming to everyone.

About Dahab

This little hippie town is located in the South Sinai Peninsula in Egypt,  an approximate 1 hour drive from Sharm el Sheik. 


The first nomads, the Bedouines, came to Dahab and fell in love with what a peaceful place it was. They left and came back a couple of times, but at one point, they decided that they loved it so much that they would never leave again. The next generation, the hippies, came and had the same experience in discovering Dahab for themselves.


Later, people began to visit the town to dive and surf, and slowly, Dahab's tourist industry began to boom


Now, it's time for the next generation of nomads, the Digital Nomads, to come to this paradise to enjoy life and freedom.

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Is Dahab safe?