Coworkinn Dahab is the first coworking space on the Red Sea in Egypt. We offer Digital Nomads and local adventurers alike the opportunity to foster creativity and collaborate with other working professionals, all while taking in views of both the Sinai mountains and the Red Sea. 


The coworking space is perfect for...

Freelancers, startups, digital nomads, students, small companies or entire company departments - anyone who wants to escape the hassle or the rut of every day life! Our community is built around helping you escape daily pressures and get back to being focused and enthusiastic about your project.  




We offer a coliving option to everyone who wants to utilize the coworking space while visiting Dahab; though you're welcome to book your own accommodations and pay for the coworking space separately, booking one of package saves you money and keeps you close to the other members of our community.



Coliving directly in our Villa "Surfers Lounge"

This is the best option you can choice for comfort and high standart


Stay in our Partner Hotel

this Accommodation is the most cheapest option you can get to stay in Dahab.  Its about 4 min to walk to our Villa. But make sure you are happy with a lower african standard. 

Our Coliving and Coworking Villa Surfers Lounge

Six Reasons to join CoworkInn...

The Working Space

Our coworking space is located in the Blue Beach Club, right next to the ocean. You can choose to work outside with a beautiful sea view or take advantage of our inside working space. Go for a swim or snorkel when you feel like you need a break from working. More about the Space... 

The Inspiration

Here in Dahab you will be able to recharge your batteries and expand your horizons with new creative points of view. 

The Community

The community is the best part of choosing coworking. Because Dahab is a nomad village,  you will find yourself surrounded by free thinking and open minded people.More Information here...


The Productivity

You might say, "How am I going to get any work done in a place like Dahab?" Sure, there's fun to be had, but our coworking space is set up for your success. You'll find it's easy to get into a routine and schedule adventure time with your coworking fellows.

The Weather

According to weather forecasts, Dahab remains sunny about 95% of the time with temperatures that hover at around 33 degrees Celsius.

More Information about the Weather...

People of Dahab

The people of Dahab are all true nomads, at least in their hearts. Dahab is full of free thinking and tolerant people; the Bedouines are living examples of what it means to lead a carefree lifestyle and are welcoming to everyone.

About Dahab

This little hippie town is located in the South Sinai Peninsula in Egypt,  an approximate 1 hour drive from Sharm el Sheik. 


The first nomads, the Bedouines, came to Dahab and fell in love with what a peaceful place it was. They left and came back a couple of times, but at one point, they decided that they loved it so much that they would never leave again. The next generation, the hippies, came and had the same experience in discovering Dahab for themselves.


Later, people began to visit the town to dive and surf, and slowly, Dahab's tourist industry began to boom


Now, it's time for the next generation of nomads, the Digital Nomads, to come to this paradise to enjoy life and freedom.

Learn more here.

Is Dahab safe?