Travel and Coworking in Dahab

Come and work in the Land of 1001 Nights and the Village of the True Nomads. Escape the cold and enjoy the team-spirit of creative Co-workers.


Our idea:

Dahab is a precious and diverse place. We have found our inner peace here and now, we open a

'coworking space‘ to provide the same, unique experience for you.


Coliving Package 1

Build your costom package

Stay right next to the CoworkInn Dahab in the central lighthouse area where life is happening. 

Coliving Package 2

Hotel: Nesima Resort

Stay a bit away from the crowd and enjoy a beautiful calm set-up in the area of Mashraba.

Community kitchen is included, so you can cook your own meals. 

About me

Reviews for Dahab and the Coworking Space


"The time at Sinai was one of my most fascinating travel experiences I ever had.

I arrived there very exhausted and stressed out, but already after two days I had changed completely. You have to be there yourself once to understand the enthusiasm everyone who has been there connects with the place.More Reviews...


Holger Hespelein Sep. 2015




"I love this place sooooo much and I believe that I left my soul first time I stepped in it in Feb 2015, so now I go every 3 to 4 month to be me again."


Asmaa Maher Jan. 2016


Six Reasons to work in CoworkInn...

The Working Space

The Coworking Space is located in the Blue Beach Club, right next to the ocean. You can choose to work outside with a beautiful sea view or take advantage of our inside working space. Go for a swim or a snorkel when you feel like you need a break from working. More about the Space... 

The Inspiration

Here in Dahab you will be able to recharge your batteries and expand your horizon with new creative point of views. Combine this with the beautiful community atmosphere and exchange. It is sure will be a great experience!

The Community

The community is the best part of doing co-working. "Alone you can reach the moon but in a community you can reach the stars". Because Dahab is ever since a Nomad Village you find everywhere free thinking and open minded people.More Information here...


The Productivity

You might say, "How am I going to work in a place like Dahab?" All these fun things around are hard to resist! But you won't be alone. Working in teams is more fun and is motivating and so will be the common breaks.

The Weather

The Weather is another thing I really do love about Dahab. According to the weather forecast it is 95% of the time sunny and about 20 degrees celsius warmer than in Germany. You live outside, that is what I do love.

More Information about the Weather...

People of Dahab

The People in Dahab are all True Nomads, at least in their hearts. Dahab is full of free thinking and tolerant people. The Bedouines are exemplify the easy and free lifestyle and do welcome everyone.

The Coworking Space is perfect for...

Freelancer, Startups, Digital Nomads, Students, small Companies and also entire company departments. Everyone who wants to escape the hassle or the rut. In this kind of "hippie community", we find a way out of all the pressure, fear and get back the power and enthusiasm for your project.  



Things we can do together beside work...

In Dahab you can experience many nice adventures. Go climbing, diving, surfing or find your inner peace with yoga. 


But what's actually one of the best things to do in Dahab is... doing nothing. I can't explain you why, but the time simply flows differently in Dahab. Time seems to move more slowly compared to other places, which will give you the perfect change of pace to our otherwise very hectic life.

      Scuba Diving





      Blue Lagoon



Trip in the Desert

About Dahab

This little "Hippie Town" is located on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, approx. 1 hour driving distance from the airport of Sharm el Sheik. 


The people of Dahab all send out a deep inner contentedness, which is catching to anybody from the start. Moreover, the clocks appear to be ticking to a different rhythm here.


The first Nomads, the Bedouines, came to Dahab and fell in love with that peaceful place. They left and came back couple of times, but at one point, they loved it so much that they never left again. The next generation, the Hippies, came and had the same experience in discovering Dahab for themselves.


Later, people started to dive and surf and the more and more Tourists came to Dahab. The built up the infrastructure but now they left. Now, it's time for the next generation of Nomads to come to this paradise to enjoy life and freedom.


I have never ever experienced a more peaceful place on my journey around the globe. Among other things, this is why Dahab is the perfect place to work from there, especially at times of the year when the weather in Germany is cold, uncomfortable and more miserable. More Info´s here.

Is Dahab safe?


Is Dahab safe?

The Coworking Space and Places to stay..

Things we can do...

Dahab <3