Dahab ...


Dahab is a little hippie town that sits on the Red Sea in Egypt, about a one  hour drive north of Sharm el Sheik airport. The majority of its citizens are from a local tribe known as the Bedouins.


The Bedouin were a nomadic people until they came across 'the gold‘ - or 'Dahab‘ in Arabic. 


The people of Dahab express a general satisfaction and happiness, which rubs off on to everybody who meets them from the start. There is an ease of life that just can't be found anywhere else.


I have never ever experienced a more peaceful place on my journeys around the globe. Especially at times of the year when the weather becomes dull and uncomfortable, such as in Germany in the winter, there is no place like Dahab (up to 95% clear blue sky possibility) to get motivated. Among other things, this is why Dahab is the prefect place to work from.


Besides, here, we can clear our heads, create new ideas and develop innovative concepts or projects to successfully get over our operational-blindness. We cannot give you any scientific explanation for this phenomenon. But in our opinion, there doesn't always have to be one. Find out for yourself!


The Weather...

In winter, you can go outside in your summer clothes and in the evening, you are perfectly fine wearing a hoody and maybe long trousers if it is windy.

In summer, it can get really hot. If you want to be productive, you better not come in July and August, unless you like working at 40 degrees.

During the rest of the year the temperatures are perfectly fine for working.



How to get easy to Dahab

Dahab is a small town on the Sinai peninsula which is one hour far away from the big city Sharm el Sheikh.

You can flight to Sharm el Sheikh (SSH) and then we can organize a taxi driver for you at any time you arrive. Either you arrive by day so you can already see the beautiful mountains during the drive or you arrive in the night so you can admire the brightening stars. On the way to Dahab you will pass some checkpoints. This is the police who takes care of the tourists.

Especially for women who travel alone: You don’t have to worry! We always send a driver we know personally so you never have to enter in a strange car.