ThetaHealing® Retreat in Dahab

Let us go on a journey together!

The retreat will be held in the beautiful hippe village of Dahab. Surrounded by the laidback atmosphere of this former fisher village you will learn the ABC’s of the Theta-Healing® Technique. ThetaHealing is a beautiful meditation and healing technique that connects you to the creation energy within you and allows you to shift your mindset with ease.

By shifting your mindset you will shift your life, so you are free to create anything you desire, without fears or doubts.

I am so happy to teach the „ThetaHealing® Basic DNA“ seminar & „ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA“ seminar in Dahab. Both classes will be taught in english. Don’t worry about your english skills - I can assist you in German.

The seminars can be booked separately, so feel free to choose only one class, or you enjoy the whole retreat.    

The ThetaHealing® Basic seminar will be taught from 24-26.04. In this three day seminar you will learn the ThetaHealing®-Meditation, that helps you to connect to your subconscious mind and to the creator energy. You will enter the belief work, so you can find, test and change beliefs that are blocking you into empowering beliefs. You will learn how to dissolve fears and sooo much more.   

Between the seminars you have two days off to explore beautiful Dahab, dive into the ocean, go kitesurfing or just relax and meditate.



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From 29.04. - 01.05 you will learn sooo much more in the ThetaHealing® Advanced seminar. You will get hundreds of feeling-downloads, so you vibrate higher and are able to do deeper healing work for you and others. We will go deeper into the „digging“-work, so you find beliefs that are connected to resentment, rejection and regret and resolve them. And much, much more. 

So let us go on a journey to the mindset you require to live the joyful and fulfilled life you desire! (Ooops! That’s a rhyme 😎)    

ThetaHealing® Basic DNA

In this three-day seminar you will learn the foundation of the gentle and powerful ThetaHealing®-Technique, so you can transform your life and the life of others.


You will learn how to find blocking beliefs in your subconscious mind and how to shift them into empowering beliefs.

By shifting your mindset you will easily shift all areas of your life, to create the life you desire.

Vianna Stibal founded the ThetaHealing® Technique that combines spirituality, neurogenetic and quantum physics into a healing modality for everyone.


You need no former knowledge or prerequisite to join the seminar. But your joy in positive change and personal growth is very welcomed.

In the ThetaHealing® Basic Seminar you will learn

•    the ThetaHealing®-Meditation to connect to the creator energy

•    how to do readings and healings

•    what your psychic senses are and how you train and use them

•    how to shift beliefs and your mindset in seconds

•    how to download a feeling in every cell of your body

•    how to find the core of fears and how to dissolve them

•    the philosophy of the Seven Planes of Existence

•    how to communicate with your guardian angels

•    how to clean yourself energetically

•    what soul mates and soul fragments are

•    the basics of manifesting

•    how to read the future and why it is useful in your daily life

•    how to activate your DNA

•    and sooooooo much more

When: 24-26.04.2018     

Price: 350€ Class-Fee + 70€ Host-Fee

Total 420€

Deadline to apply is the 18. April!!!


•    ThetaHealing® Book „Introducing an Extraordinary Energy Healing Modality“ (English or German)

•    ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Practitioner Manual (English or German - English recommended, class will be taught in english)

•    Practitioner Certificate of THInK (ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge), so you are allowed to practice ThetaHealing® with         clients

Hotel & Airport Transfer

We from CoworkInn, would love to help you to get picked up from the airport with our trusted driver Ahmed and to find you a wonderful place to stay close to the Retreat. We can recommend the Bedouin Moon Hotel. It is close, clean, has sea view and a pool to relaxe after the Seminar.

We got a special Deal for our ThetaHealing members.



Mountain View

Single Room incl. Breakfast 30€/night

Double Room incl. Breakfast 35€/night


Sea View

Single Room incl. Breakfast 35€/night

Double Room incl. Breakfast 40€/night


Superior Room

Single Room incl. Breakfast 40€/night

Double Room incl. Breakfast 45€/night




Airport Transfer 45€ for 2 ways