Cosmetic Dentistry

Dahab is a land of many hidden wonders, one of which happens to be skilled dental work. Our local cosmetic dentist delivers results that rival, and often outshine, work performed by dentists in many other countries.
We have made it easier than ever for you to have an all-in-one vacation experience to take care of all of your cosmetic dentistry needs. By booking EXCLUSIVELY with us, we will ensure that you get a priority appointment time, free transfer to and from the dental office, a free consultation and we can provide an experienced translator to accompany you if needed.


Cosmetic dentistry (ceramic crowns) performed by a dentist in Germany.


Revised dental work performed by our dentist in Dahab.

Here is an example of how much you can save by traveling to Dahab for your dental work:




Two (2) Ceramic Crowns

One (1) Month Single Room

Flight (Germany to Dahab)

Airport Transfer

One (1) Month Coworking

Six (6) Dives (including equipment)
+ Free Transfer to Dentist
+ Free Consultation
+ Free Translation Service
+ In-Room Assistance After Treatment
Total Cost:

Made in Germany



1, 190













Made in Dahab (1 Month Coworking & Diving Included)


260 €

299 €

300 €









1, 210


Spending a month in paradise will only cost you 20 more than receiving just the dental work in Germany!
This special price for dental work is available ONLY by booking through Coworkinn Dahab.

Meet Dr. Adel


Dr. Adel M. Ramadan is from Alexandria, on the Mediterranean, he had his primary, preparatory and secondary education in Queen Victoria College.

Then he joined the faculty of dentistry, Alexandria University. In 2002 he was graduated with "very good degree and the grades of honors". Since graduation and so far, the journey of continuing education courses did not stop and the improvement is going on with very wide and sure steps. Dr. Adel is a full-time practicing dentist in his clinic; also conducting some courses and lectures concerning implant and esthetic dentistry.


Dr. Adel Ramadan has toured most of the modern countries advanced in modern dentistry either as a lecturer or participant at dental meetings and events. His motivation through his lectures and seminars is headed to the good of his patients and the maximum standards of academic and practical dental care.

To learn more about what other services are offered by Dr. Adel visit his site here.