Budget Rooms

The Budget Rooms 

This place is more simple but still very good for the backpacker. It depends on what you expect. I am totally fine with that but If you want to stay more comfortable, you might want to choose a Hotel like Dyrana or Happyland.

All rooms include the breakfast and free use of the Coworking Space. 

The rooms of this hotel are located about a 2 min. walk away from the Community Coworking Space.


Coworking Space + Single Room Basic: 25€/day

Coworking Space + Single Room Standart: 31€/day

Coworking Space + Single Room Standart plus: 33€/day ...-> for one Person


Coworking Space + Double Room Basic: 39€/day

Coworking Space + Double Room Standart: 43€/day

Coworking Space + Double Room Standart plus: 46€/day ... -> for two Persons


Coworking Space + Triple Room Basic: 56€/day

Coworking Space + Triple Room Standart: 60€/day

Coworking Space + Triple Room Standart plus: 63€/day ... -> for 3 Persons


Coworking Space + Family Room Standart plus: 73€/day ...-> for 4 Persons



2 weeks = 15 % discount

3 weeks = 25 % discount

one month = 30 % discount


Basic= fan

Standart= air conditioner

Standart plus= air conditioner + fridge