The Coworking Space


The Coworking Space is located on the upper level of the Blue Beach Club where you'll have access to an indoor and outdoor working space. The ocean is right next door, so you can choose to go for a swim or do some snorkeling during a break from work.


The Coworking Space is located in between Lighthouse area and Eel Garden. 


Be a speaker: Whenever someone feels like sharing his or her special skills or knowledge we'd love to organize a mastermind session with our members!


Free Arabic Lessons: Every Tuesday night in our coworking space we offer a free Arabic lesson from 6 - 7pm.


Quiz Night: Let’s go to the Churchills Bar and show them how smart our digital nomad team is…or not :) Let’s prove our worldwide knowledge from our travel experiences! Every Wednesday night at 8pm.


Community market: On Fridays we pay a visit to the community market and eat some international home-made food by the locals and immigrants alike.


Wadi Party: We drive to the desert and have a campfire, relax,  and enjoy Bedouin food under 1 billion shining stars.


Movie Night: Every few weeks we screen a film in our coworking space and invite the community.


Arts & Crafts: Twice a month on Thursdays we host an art workshop lead by a local artist.

The Community ...


The Community is the most important and the best part of Coworking. 

"Alone you can reach the moon but in a community you can reach the stars". There is always someone around who can help you with something or might be more experienced than you and is happy to help! In a group like this, the most creative ideas can arise; and with these free thinking people, you can spend your free time after work. Because we are all quite similar, a lot of strong friendships have been created and will be created.

Left: Wadi-Party. This is a perfect get-together in the mountains with delicious bedouin food and a bonfire under the stars. 

Photo: Jacques de Vos


Right: You don't have to dine alone in Dahab. Lunch and dinner is community time :-).