Book Your Free Scuba Dive!

As we all know, Dahab is one of the most beautiful and famous dive spots in the world. Thats why we don´t want you to miss out and are offering a free scuba dive in Dahab when you apply NOW to use our coworking space.


- Your travel dates don't have to be set yet.

- This offer is valid only when you book the use of the coworking space and an accommodation package with us.

- If you are a qualified diver you get 1 dive for free, if not you pay just 50% of the discover scuba dive course.

- Your stay needs to be a minimum 2 weeks

- We will reserve your free dive through the end of 2018, but to get it you have to apply NOW!

13 reasons why Dahab is the best spot for Digital Nomads!

Working in Paradise

  The sun shines 365 days a year.


  Arrive in paradise in  just 4.5 hours from many European destinations.


  Learn the secrets to having a low cost of living.


   Wear a t-shirt everyday and enjoy the sea breeze .


   Climb up the highest mountains or explore the deepest parts of the sea.


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